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Human rights everywhere. ❤️ is ❤️ 🇺🇦🥊🤼🥋

Eddie Goldman is host and producer of the No Holds Barred podcast, publisher of the No Holds Barred blog, creator of the No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman page on Patreon, and co-host of The WAAR Room. He is known as the Conscience of Combat Sports.

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  1. Saturday night sing-along!
  2. Gerry Adams and Daniel Kinahan among hundreds of names on leaked US enhanced screening database
  3. More wrestlers like these need to stand for justice Indian wrestlers call off protest against sexual harassment
  4. Dubai frees accused super cartel drug lords
  5. Russia's Wagner criminals operate in Ukraine, Syria, and several African countries, also grabbing mineral rights in Africa. Its boss, Prigozhin, also organized disinformation campaigns in the U.S. in
  6. Give us tanks, says Zelensky
  7. Wife-beater Dana White & TBS/Warner Bros. Discovery's latest trash
  8. Lena Horne, "It's All Right With Me"
  9. Happy Tuesday, #Resisters and all Non-MAGA! FOLLOWERS ONLY: To grow your account, Vet/Follow/FB all who Retweet. The party lasts for 24-hrs. Please follow: #FollowParty #FBR #FBPE
  10. Still the Bronze Venus Lena Horne - Stormy Weather (1943)
  11. Big media still funding Melon's Twitter Dozens of media companies set 2023 content deals with Twitter
  12. Since the Ukraine flag emoji somehow didn't come out right on the last post I made (and in my bio), here it is a picture.
  13. Unified heavyweight champ Oleksandr Usyk: Russia is the Third Reich

    "You are the Third Reich in all the variety of its manifestations. What Hitler didn't do, your president continues to do. Can you 🇺🇦imagine? Yes." - Unified heavyweight champ Oleksandr Usyk 🇺🇦🥊
  14. #MLKDay

    The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X meet at the U.S. Senate on March 26, 1964, after a hearing on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. (The Library of Congress). #MLKDay 2023
  15. Much of historical drama is fabricated 💩 ‘Based on a True Story’ (Except the Parts That Aren’t)
  16. Protect yourselves, my loves! 😷💉 ‘People aren’t taking this seriously’: experts say US Covid surge is big risk
  17. Protect yourselves, my loves! 😷💉 WHO updates COVID-19 guidelines on masks, treatments and patient care
  18. 🌊Calling all Blue Friends🌊 Join us for #DemsConnect Follow Party. Connect with us daily by simply liking this post, reposting and following everyone who hit the like button! It's easy to find new & o
  19. Melon on trial and will lose
  20. QOP's plan to crash the economy

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