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  1. Mitch McConnell Tried to Ride the MAGA Monster. Then It Ate Him Alive.

    By The Daily Blast with Greg Sargent The news that Mitch McConnell will step down as GOP Senate leader later this year has led many to argue that he was fundamentally a foe of Donald Trump who is out of step with the party of MAGA. But the story is more complicated than that: In c
  2. Supreme Court Throws Huge Wrench Into Trump Trial Schedule

    By Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani The Supreme Court—with its three Trump-appointed justices—agreed Wednesday to weigh in on whether former President Donald Trump can claim presidential immunity to get out of his federal election interference trial. The court announced in a brief order tha
  3. Hunter Biden Drags Republicans for Double Standard on Jared Kushner

    By Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani Hunter Biden brilliantly exposed Republican hypocrisy during his closed-door deposition on Wednesday with one simple question. “How come they’re not curious about the $2 billion Jared Kushner got from the Saudis?” the younger Biden reportedly asked House
  4. You Won’t Believe Mike Johnson’s Wild Plan to Avoid a Government Shutdown

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling Lawmakers had until Friday to do their primary job and coordinate a spending package to continue funding the government and avoid a partial shutdown. But now, that’s next week’s problem. House leadership have indicated that they plan to vote Thursday on
  5. Billionaire Donald Trump Can’t Post His New York Fraud Bond

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling For all his bravado about his fabulous wealth, Donald Trump clearly doesn’t have the cash to handle his legal comeuppance. On Wednesday, the former president counter-offered his now $454 million penalty in his New York civil fraud trial, suggesting inst
  6. Alabama Republicans Suddenly Have an IVF Bill. It’s Worse Than It Seems.

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling In a transparent attempt to salvage votes, Alabama Republicans have introduced a bill that would save in vitro fertilization across the state—but only until after the upcoming election. On Tuesday, the Alabama legislature introduced Senate Bill 159 , whi
  7. Goodbye and Good Riddance to Mitch McConnell

    By Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Wednesday that he is stepping down as GOP leader this November. The Kentucky Republican is the longest-serving Senate leader, and has served in Republican Senate leadership for nearly two decade
  8. Arab Americans to Democrats: You Can’t Ignore Us Anymore

    By Samuel Kuttab Tuesday’s primary election in Michigan revealed two significant developments. First, it demonstrated the strength and impact of the Arab American vote. The Arab American community has proven to be a significant voting bloc that cannot be overlooked. Secondly, the r
  9. You Will Not Believe—We Mean Not Believe—This James Comer Quote

    By Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani House Oversight Chair James Comer is finally laying down his cards. Republicans’ Biden corruption impeachment crusade is over, at least for now. “I am ready to try to begin to close this investigation,” Comer told reporters in the Capitol Wednesday. “This
  10. Fox News Panel Erupts in Chaos Over “Zero Evidence” in Biden Impeachment

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling You know Republicans are in troubled waters when even Fox News has abandoned ship. On Tuesday, a Fox host highlighted that Hunter Biden’s closed-door deposition would prove a critical juncture for a monthslong probe that has amounted to, basically, noth
  11. Anderson Cooper Cuts Off CNN Guest Trying to Discuss Gaza and Michigan

    By Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to cut off a guest panelist speaking about Israel’s atrocities in Gaza, during a segment on the number of “uncommitted” votes in Michigan’s presidential primary. Former Ohio state Senator Nina Turner was reacting to the early
  12. Republican Rep. Admits Hunter Biden Case Is Probably a “Big Nothing”

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling Republican Representative Darryl Issa offered a strange prediction ahead of Hunter Biden’s testimony on Wednesday, leaving room for the possibility that a statement from the president’s son could basically crumble the investigation. “Thanks for covering
  13. Michigan Results: Scarier for Biden Than for Trump, and Here’s Why

    By No author Monday, I wrote a column that we headlined, “Biden Will Win Michigan Easily. It May Also Show His Weakness.” Like all pundits, I get a lot of stuff wrong, but Tuesday night’s results proved that one right. I did some guesstimating about how large the “uncommitted” vot
  14. Trump’s Panicky Eruption Over Embryo Ruling Won’t Fix GOP’s IVF Mess

    By Greg Sargent When Donald Trump attacked the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos should be considered children, it was widely seen as a glaring indicator of a new political reality. Trump and Republicans, analysts noted, recognize the dangers of appearing ali
  15. Joe Biden Should Pay Close Attention to the Michigan Results

    By Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani The Michigan primary results are in—and the number of “uncommitted” Democratic votes is astounding. As of Wednesday morning, more than 100,000 Democratic voters chose to check the “uncommitted” box rather than back Joe Biden in his reelection campaign, ac
  16. Covid Taught Us a Lot. The CDC Now Wants Us to Forget It.

    By Melody Schreiber Four years after the Covid-19 pandemic slammed into the United States, forcing shutdowns and killing 1.1 million people and counting, the U.S. is considering one of the final steps that might cement Covid’s status as just another virus, similar to the flu or RS
  17. An Immigration Journalist Makes the Case for Open Borders

    By Jack McCordick For several months beginning late last year, Senate Democrats and Republicans came together to negotiate a bipartisan border bill that, if passed, would have represented an unprecedented crackdown on undocumented immigration. President Joe Biden championed the bi
  18. Florida’s New Driver’s License Rule Is Blatant Trans Voter Suppression

    By Melissa Gira Grant Quietly and behind the scenes last month, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, or FLHSMV, issued a memo indicating that it will no longer honor Floridians’ requests to amend the gender marker on their driver’s licenses. “Permitting an
  19. Republicans Are Planning to Pit Two Anti-Hunger Programs Against Each Other

    By Grace Segers As members of Congress once again struggle to avert a government shutdown ahead of a looming funding deadline, millions of low-income mothers and children are in danger of losing access to key benefits. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for Women, Infant
  20. Bill Ackman Is Going to Help Save Journalism

    By Matt Ford Defamation cases are hard to win in the United States. Starting with its 1964 ruling in New York Times v. Sullivan, the Supreme Court has required plaintiffs to meet a very high threshold of proof before American courts can hold someone liable for defamation. Whether

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