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I'll be a student of life, all my life.

Proud mom and Grammy. Interested in others, our country and the world. It's time we all start helping one another. We all rise when we lift one another up.

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  1. Tip to you as the first person that I've found with a theory that makes sense. This way Prigozhin swiftly moves his troops to Ukraine's Northern border by going to Belarus.
  2. If we required gun owners to carry insurance you'd see a substantial drop in ownership - and more important, shootings
  3. #GunReformNOW #StopTheSlaughter
  4. All my fellow Americans, it was and is the Russian's desire that we fight one another. We must find a way back to being "The UNITED States of America" #DemocracyOverTyranny #TeamDemocracy
  5. Done watching golf

    I'm done watching professional golf. I find it sickening that the PGA is merging with the Saudi backed, LIV. The Saudis were behind 911 and the deaths of more than 3,000 that day and more recently the blatant murder of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. https://www.cb
  6. Civil unrest in St. PETERSBURG and Musk is censoring tweets
  7. Excellent news!
  8. #DefendDemocracy I'm hoping the people of #Ohio can stop them.
  9. Well said. #CommonSense #WearOrangeJune2through4 #Everytown #MomsDemandAction
  10. Honor Their Sacrifice

    Honoring all who paid the ultimate sacrifice from Massachusetts for our freedoms. One flag for each life lost, 37,000 #MemorialDay #Boston
  11. This is who Trump & Cruz protect!

    #Texas #CorruptionBreedsCorruption #NoOneisAboveTheLaw "In 2014, he admitted to violating Texas securities law, and a year later he was indicted on securities fraud charges in his hometown near Dallas, accused of defrauding investors in a tech startup. He pleaded not guilty to t
  12. #VoteBlue2StopMAGA Too many Republicans want the people in this country to suffer.
  13. Child Labor in America

    We know #Republicans don't care if our children are shot dead. Now we can see they want to use our kids as cheap labor. Don't fall for their cries of #SaveTheChildren , it's a lie. #VoteBlue2StopMAGA
  14. What more proof does anyone need to show that today's Republicans care much more about protecting gun manufacturers and sellers than our children and families? #StopGunViolence #VoteOutEveryRepublican #ProtectPeopleNotGuns #gopGunViolence #Tennessee
  15. Don't forget the people of #EastPalestine #EPA #Water #Contamination #chemicalhealthhazard
  16. By: Stephen Nellis, Josh Ye and Jane Lanhee Lee (Reuters) - U.S. microchip export controls imposed last year to freeze China's development of supercomputers used to develop nuclear weapons and artificial-intelligence systems like ChatGPT are having only minimal effects on China's
  17. A win for #Democracy πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
  18. #StandUpToJewishHate 🟦
  19. Conservatives attack health insurance coverage, AGAIN

    Conservatives in America are actively seeking to make it harder for average Americans. We need to vote them all out! #Democracy #Healthcare
  20. More shady dealings that require scrutiny. #Democracy #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw

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