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  1. The hits just keep on coming for Western Digital.
  2. For you last Windows 7 holdouts out there.
  3. Excellent advice.
  4. Microsoft will turn off Exchange Online basic authentication in January. What this means is email accounts on Office 365 will have to have two factor authentication turned on.
  5. For those still on Twitter: If you’re thinking of deleting your account - don’t. Deleting your account opens you up to impersonation as someone can grab your username.
  6. For any IE 11 holdouts out there. Microsoft says the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) desktop application will permanently be disabled by a Microsoft Edge update in February 2023.
  7. Protecting backups from ransomware [Q&A]
  8. Three quarters of Americans admit to risky online behavior

    Interesting article. What people should realize is they need to be lucky every single time to not have their information used or stolen. A hacker or scammer needs to be lucky only once.
  9. Microsoft completely ends support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 in under a month.
  10. Air-Gapped PCs vulnerable

    The real issue here isn’t the method, it’s the access. Either inadvertent through malware or intentional by an insider - both require prior setup using a physical interface.
  11. More security updates Chrome and Edge.
  12. Fraud and ransomware dominate cyber insurance claims. As you would expect.
  13. Great guidelines for reposting on Post. #PostTips
  14. Slow computer?

    If your pc is noticeably slower, it may just need a good cleaning. Malware, old registry entries, excessive temporary files, all of these can effect the performance of your computer. If it’s still slo
  15. This seems less than optimal. 👀 Hyundai app bugs allowed hackers to remotely unlock, start cars.
  16. Dropbox is bringing end-to-end encryption to business users thanks to Boxcryptor acquisition.
  17. Chrome fixes 8th zero-day of 2022 – Update your version now!

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