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Retired teacher, animal lover, golfer, painter, mother, grandmother and reactivated activist fighting to save democracy.

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  1. Happy Friday, #Resisters and all Non-MAGA! FOLLOWERS ONLY: To grow your account, Vet/Follow/FB all who Retweet. The party lasts for 24-hrs. #FollowParty #FBR #FBPE
  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. A visit with St. Nick
  4. Needs to be spread far and wide. If we cannot impeach then we must expand the court.
  5. Great night’s sleep last night knowing that I would be waking up to the news of a Warnock win.
  6. I know it’s early days but one major challenge with a wide open Explore timeline is that many are choosing to Repost with a comment rather than using the comment feature in a post. It clutters the tim
  7. The far left wants universal healthcare. The far right wants to exterminate Jews. Maybe don’t equate the two.
  8. A visit with St. Nick
  9. If you have an owner of a social media platform controlling a narrative based on a right wing conspiracy theory, the danger is evident. To light a fire under what he knows to be inconsequential, pure
  10. Just a child and her kitten, take time to smell the roses moment.
  11. Punitive damages are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, so good luck.

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