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Nabil Mehari


Software Developer & Assistant Audio Editor | He/Him, 27

Houston, Texas

I play games, read comics, act, sing, program, & more.

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  1. Weird how not many people are posting stuff amongst my followers yet. I guess that can be attributed to the waitlist.
  2. Looks like Twitter is on fire again, not that I'm surprised with the man-baby muskrat in charge.
  3. Someone from the Smash community on ResetEra hooked me up with a free copy of #GodofWarRagnarok. Thank you, Maximum Spider!
  4. #GuardiansoftheGalaxyHolidaySpecial was honestly really fun & legit got a tear out of me. I really hope we get more specials, for the holidays or otherwise.
  5. There was a HUGE crash of lightning not far from my house, it scared my dog.
  6. So yeah, it’s Thanksgiving & Native American Heritage Day. Hopefully it’s a good one for all of you!
  7. Doesn’t seem like you can post videos at the moment. You can definitely do gifs & photos, though. No edit button, either.
  8. I’m glad I was let into the beta, but hopefully they offer an option to link our Hive account at some point.

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