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Ned Hayes

Portland, OR

CEO, novelist, writer. (he/him) Leader of team. Author of national bestseller THE EAGLE TREE. Past Board Director with Clarion West and the Reading Foundation. /

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  1. I too #TyreNichols
  2. A goofy, honest, touching, and sweet remembrance of #poet Charles Simic, who died yesterday, by @dada_drummer. #poetry #memoir #music
  3. ProPublica is launching a northwest office! A team of journalists will cover Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. First hire will be the editor. I'm already jealous of whoever gets this job!
  4. From Semafor Flagship : Barnes & Noble, the U.S. bookseller owned by the private equity giant Elliott Management, plans to open 30 new physical stores this year. The plans, reported by Axios, challenge
  5. Best trade of 2022: US spending $40b (5% of Defense budget) on military aid to Ukraine. In return: --Half of Russian kinetic armaments destroyed --Expedited EU move to clean energy --Europe is acting lik
  6. “Recommended Accounts to Follow” is now live! Just use the search function atop your page and you’ll see the recommendations. Please share this notice widely!

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