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I’m a campus planner and expert on Higher Education . Also a fan of all things K-State, Ann Arbor, and alternative transportation.

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  1. Here’s the #Purdue University campus this fall. It’s a much nicer campus than I remember from last time I was there years ago. Finishing up some planning work here and it looks great (4 Photos)
  2. Hey this is the #NCState campus in Raleigh, NC. Pretty wonderful place and a culture that’s great! We’re getting close to finishing a comprehensive physical plan for campus.
  3. Extracting myself from the Twitter dumpster fire. Here I am
  4. Have you ever been to the University of Cincinnati in the fall? An urban university of 46,000 students that also looks like this—-
  5. I was in Paris and so of course I visited the Sorbonne. I seem to always find Universities to visit. It’s knot into the city in a completely different way than in the US. Not so much a “campus” as a n

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