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Long live rain bot NYC

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  1. Trash bird has self doubt.
  2. No
  3. Would you like a bot that tells you whenever it's raining in NYC? Like used to?
  4. Wow I wonder what @ashwin 's first post will be 🤯
  5. They made an FAQ that covers iOS apps.
  6. Should mention - this is a thread, with a satisfying payoff at the end.
  7. Someone needs to add this to an "Aesop's fables for the 21st century" collection.
  8. If you're using PiHole and can't see comments, please add to your whitelist:
  9. Wait what the...? What is this a Cap'n Crunch comeback?
  10. I sometimes wonder what Douglas Adams would have made of the world we now live in. He passed before the era of mass surveillance, before the war on terror, before the internet went from a digital vill
  11. God damn this is great. #KevinConroy #Batman
  12. This is a critical point. Until we add 2 factor authentication - go for unique (not something you use on other platforms) and long with numbers, letters and special characters.
  13. Why didn't anyone tell me about Gary Clark Jr. before today?!

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