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Writer and Creative Director interested in literature and tech.

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  1. Bird Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

    It is now a terms of service violation to tweet any links to competing websites such as Post, Instagram, Facebook, Mastodon etc over on the bird app.
  2. Book Recommendations Please 🤗

    I’m looking for a great new (or old) book to sink my teeth into as the year ends and we have some time to decompress for the holidays. What book have you read that you feel has fundamentally changed y
  3. F-Elon Musk

    Elon Musk is acting like a guy who has committed years of fraud and can no longer hide it anymore, so he’s decided to hedge his bets by speaking to and courting the attention of the lowest common deno
  4. Unfortunate that everyone has to switch social media companies because one guy sucks but here we are.
  5. Elon Musk and the “Free Speech” Trojan Horse

    One of the nice things about Elon Musk’s recent meltdown over on the bird app and subsequent journalist purge is that we can finally stop pretending this is about free speech. They’ve only cared about
  6. Elon Musk melts like snowflake over slightest criticism

    It appears that Elon Musk was so traumatized by the experience of having honest journalists drag him by his transplanted edges with truth that he banned a ton of journalists and removed the entire twi
  7. The reason you won’t find many real artists and creatives who are “right wing” is because the heart of art and creativity is truth, something these uninspired charlatans know nothing about.
  8. Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.
  9. Is there anything that Elon Musk won’t lie about?
  10. American Fascism

    As you spend Thanksgiving with your family and friends, take a look around the dinner table and ask yourself which person is expendable to you at the altar of this ideology. Ask yourself if, when the
  11. Since we’re posting pet pics, here’s my doggo looking like he smokes two packs a day, drinks heavily, and hasn’t seen his kids in fifteen years. (I love him)
  12. Hey Post fam. I’m not sure why you’re here specifically, but here’s some reasons I left twitter for Post.

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