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Navratan, The Online Gem Bazar

62 West 47th Street, Suite 1609 New York, NY, USA 10036

At Navratan we have a pool of professional in house artisans that are expert in creating gemstone with beauty and power. The gemstones are made naturally by Mother Nature, which are later crafted and bought to life by our professional artisans. We have a collection of precious and natural gemstone that are collected from various parts of the globe and then brought under one roof together. The magnetic power of 9 planets got popularity in the courts of Akbar The Great who was blessed with rich heritage of India. is a trusted name and brand that promises to keep the power and blessing of these 9 planets alive on you with the help of gemstones.

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  1. Yellow sapphire, also known as Kanakapushyaragam in Hindi, is a precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum mineral family, which also includes rubies. It is a variety of sapphire that gets its distinctive yellow color from the presence of iron and titanium.
  2. Opal Stone: A emblem of Hope and Renewal for October Birthdays

    What is Opal Stone? The birthstone for October is the opal. It is also known as Opal ratna . Octogenarians can wear this stone while benefiting from the opal gemstone's protection and upkeep. This boulder represents purity and optimism. Opal's governing planet is Venus. Venus is a
  3. Guide on Kashmir Blue Sapphire

    Stories! The world we live in is all about stories. We all have stories to tell, some courageous, some scary, and others motivating. Today we'll take you across one such astonishing story, one of the rarest gemstones in the world - Kashmir Blue Sapphire. Kashmir Blue Sapphire: Mea
  4. How to Differentiate Between Red and White Coral

    Coral, a calcium carbonate structure created by tiny marine animals called polyps, is a popular material used in jewelry making. There are two main types of coral that are commonly used in jewelry: red coral and white coral. While both types of coral are beautiful and unique, it

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