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Stereo, 5 Channel Surround Sound and Binaural music downloads in Direct Stream Digital (DSD), DXD and FLAC plus 12 Channel (7.1.4 Channel) Auro3D, Dolby Atmos & Discrete Immersive Audio at

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  1. Top 10 Best Sellers This Week at NativeDSD.Com

    1. Pearls - Aisyah Groove Note Records USA 2. Crossroad - Robert Len & Carole Meneghel 2xHD Mastering 3. Shaping Chopin (Pure DSD) - Anna Fedorova Channel Classics Records 4. Art In Tone (Pure DSD) - Djabe with Steve Hackett My Reel Club 5. Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni (The Four Seas
  2. 2023 Album of the Year Winners

    And that’s a wrap! The voting ballot is closed, your voices have been heard and recorded. Nearly 1,000 people voted in 16 categories to decide on our 2023 NativeDSD Albums of the Year . Congratulations to the artists and labels who were chosen, and we thank you all for participati
  3. A Must Buy from Pianist Sebastian Stanley

    Rachmaninoff from HR Recordings presents works by Sergei Rachmaninoff, performed by the critically acclaimed British pianist Sebastian Stanley . NativeDSD Listener Chris Pennelegion calls the album "A Must Buy!" noting: "This new album by the acclaimed British Pianist, Sebastian St
  4. Atomos - A DSD Best Seller!

    To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, the internationally acclaimed Cuarteto Quiroga returns with its new album Atomos: The Art of Musical Concentration – their 7th release in Stereo, 5 Channel Surround and Binaural DSD at NativeDSD. This album represents a personal tribute to the
  5. Coming Soon to NativeDSD!

    Synchronicity: An Interpretation of the Album by The Police . Featuring the Hazelrigg Brothers Band . In Celebration of the album's 40th Anniversary, the fifth & final studio album by The Police. From Outer Marker Records in Stereo Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and FLAC #Music #ThePoli
  6. Pentatone Weekend 40% Off Flash Sale

    A 40% Off Weekend Pentatone Flash Sale! We are excited to offer even more great music in DSD for you to discover. This weekend, Native DSD Music brings our listeners 9 new Classical Music Albums from Pentatone in our catalog at 40% Off ! Each album is available in every Stereo Direc
  7. Turning Point by Tonu Naisso Jazz Trio

    Turning Point is a newly remastered Jazz album by the Tonu Naissoo Trio from APSoon Recordings . It originally appeared on the market as a Vinyl LP. The album was recorded by Enn Laidre and released by the Melodyia label. For this new edition, it has been remastered and transfe
  8. Women and War and Peace

    Women and War and Peace by pianist Katelyn Bouska is a new Yarlung Records album that is exclusively available in Stereo and 5 Channel Pure Direct Stream Digital (DSD) at Native DSD Music . Women and War and Peace took shape during concert pianist Katelyn Bouska’s darkest days of
  9. Coming Soon to NativeDSD

    Coming to Native DSD Music in its DXD recorded format. Pianist Kristoffer Nyholm Hyldig performs Oliver Messiaen's Vingt Regards Sur L-Enfant-Jesus in a Double Album download from OUR Recordings #Piano #M essiaen #M usic #C lassicalMusic #D XD
  10. Album of the Week - Iris

    Our Album of the Week is Iris featuring Alfred Paixao on Forward Music Italy . Paixao is a Grammy Award winning bass player that hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His music reflects a fine blend of Jazz and Latin music stylings. Over the years, Alfredo has performed with Julio I
  11. Yggdrasil in Stereo & 5.1 Surround Sound

    Yggdrasil is Cantus's third album at NativeDSD. It was produced by Morten Lindberg on the 2L label. It follows Spes released in 2015 and Fryd in 2019, both Grammy Award Nominees in the Best Immersive
  12. Album of the Week - Bucky Pizzarelli

    Our Album of the Week is Bucky Pizzarelli: The Early Years from 2xHD Mastering and Jazzology Records. It's a double album that features two of his earliest albums Green Guitar Blues (Tracks 1-9) and T
  13. Debut Album from Protean Quartet

    On the new album Haydn, Almeida & Beethoven , the Protean Quartet , winners of the prestigious first prize at the 2022 York Early Music International Young Artists Competition , explore the String Quarte
  14. Simon Rigter Jazz Quintet Returns

    Growing Up: Simon Rigter Plays Ballads is Saxophone Player Simon Rigter’s second album from Sound Liaison at NativeDSD Music. It follows his earlier Jazz Quintet recording of Wild Man Blues – a Live R
  15. Top 10 Best Seller!

    Nothing about Iggy Dayan – singer, drummer, guitarist, novelist, and a member of Mashina , Israel’s legendary rock group – would hint at the turn he took in his latest solo project . His new album, Hemd
  16. 25% Off Album of the Week - Live Blues

    Our Album of the Week is Live Acoustic Session (Pure DSD) by Blues Singer and Guitarist Little G Weevil from Hunnia Records . Nominated for NativeDSD Album of the Year in 2021, Live Acoustic Session i
  17. A Free Musical Tasting

    Free Music Track from 'Kind of Beethoven’ This Weekend Pianist Xavi Torres joins Joris Roelofs (Bass Clarinet) and Joan Terol (Drums) to explore new ways of bringing the worlds of Jazz and Classical Mu
  18. Sonatas for Two Violins by Leclair

    Sonatas for Two Violins, Volume 2 is the second album of music composed by Jean-Marie Leclair and performed by the violin duo of Barnanas Kelemen and Katalin Kokas. Their earlier album of violin duet
  19. A Medieval Christmas in Auro3D

    Just in time for the holidays, Aliud Records and Native DSD Music team up to bring you the album A Medieval Christmas by the Trigon Ensemble in Auro-3D 5.1.4 Channel Immersive Audio. This is the 65th
  20. 4 Mozart Albums by Salvatore Accardo

    This week Fone brings us 4 Stereo Direct Stream Digital (DSD) albums featuring violinist Salvatore Accardo. They include: Mozart Sinfonia Concertante KV 364 - Concertone KV 190 Salvatore Accardo, Marg

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