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Here, there, everywhere? Creative/Film director | Gov ALM @harvard | Sketch comedy @ucbtla | Fitness acolyte. Sometimes that guy from that thing. 🇺🇸🇮🇹🏳️‍🌈 (he/him)

Los Angeles

Sketch comedian turned political scientist.

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  1. Tucker Carson is Out

    Tucker Carlson is “leaving” FOX News. Cause to celebrate? IMHO, we must focus on the reason why he’s out: fomenting anti-democratic conspiracy theories and forsaking the truth. That’s nothing to celebrate.
  2. Trans rights are my rights

    All LGBTQ+ people and allies must pay attention to what is happening in Florida. In addition to the egregious, inhumane persecution of trans individuals, FL’s legislators are working hard to make it a crime to be gay in public. SB1438 would also likely mean the end of most Pride
  3. Twitter is Over

    I finally did it. I made my Twitter account private and deleted the app. It's not about the check. It's about my values. That space is overcrowded with pseudo-science and advertisements. It's time to honor MY MENTAL HEALTH. So who should I follow here? 🤓
  4. New in Public Notice: Nebraska students rise up against anti-trans bigotry

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