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  1. Got justice?

    Serious question for my American friends here: What is the US government doing to prevent another misinformed #MAGA mob from trying to violently overthrow the government again?
  2. Ford government continues starving Ontario’s publicly-funded health care system

    It is clear that people’s health and the quality of health care in Ontario have never been a priority for Premier Doug Ford or his party. As the Ontario Nurses Association points out, hospitals are already struggling to meet a rapidly increasing demand for health care services. Th
  3. tRump plays broken record; hints of Coup Part-2 at CPAC

    As expected tRump is still whining about his greatest hits — “Crooked Hilary”, “Shifty Schiff”, “Hunter’s laptop”, and “building a wall” — while offering no solutions. This divisive and inflammatory verbal vomit about the 2024 election being the “final battle” however, shows us
  4. Privatization will destroy public health care in Ontario

    If we truly value Tommy Douglas’s vision of ensuring the best quality of health care for all no matter their economic or social status, we must let Premier Doug Ford know that there is no room for profiteering by private companies in our publicly-funded health care system.
  5. The report — provided to The Associated Press ahead of its public release Thursday — also found that all extremist killings identified in 2022 were linked to right-wing extremism, with an especially high number linked to white supremacy.
  6. For which “people?”

    #Opinion Who benefits from the Ford government’s decision to privatize #healthcare services in Ontario? “For the people?” Which “people’s” interests does Doug Ford represent?
  7. A second look at The Trump Tapes and why Woodward’s warning must not be ignored

    “Thinking of how those in bed with “the demon pomposity” justify the use of misinformation to accomplish their individual goals – one example in Trump’s case being his failed seditious conspiracy to overthrow his democratically elected successor, President Joe Biden – I realized
  8. Making sense of The Trump Tapes with Bob Woodward and Steve Paikin

    Grateful to have had the chance to hear Investigative Journalist Bob Woodward share his insights into The Trump Tapes, and speak with him after the taping of his appearance on TVO Today Live the other night. Here is part one of my take on the experience as seen in this week’s edi
  9. Premier Ford opens the door for privatization of public health care in Ontario

    Elders living in privately-owned, for-profit long-term care facilities in Ontario during the pandemic, were 45% more likely to die of COVID-19 than those living in publicly-owned long-term care homes.
  10. Good morning! Repost, comment, and follow everyone to reunite with the #Resister crew. Make sure you drop a comment in the original post. 👇
  11. The sun sets over a wetland in L’Amable, Ontario. We need to protect these hubs of #biodiversity #nature
  12. A billion reasons not to trust a fascist billionaire

    Information is power, and Mush has proven over and over again that he is fascist scum who cannot be trusted. It took a mix of rage and courage to leave behind the hard work invested in building a netw

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