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Woman. Wife. Mother. Liver of Life. Foodie.

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  1. What a day. 4AM- Flight to Sacramento 7AM- Driving onto property for work and everything is wrong. Total disaster. 11AM- Grabbed an earlier flight home, got onto the plane and it wouldn’t start.. 1 HR
  2. I have dogs too. Meet Huckleberry & Finny. #DogsofPost
  3. 1:43AM. Woke up by my husband’s snoring. Powers out. 2:30AM. Power’s back on. Trying to be soothed by my Husband’s CPAP Vader impersonations. 2:34AM. Posting about my cat. 4:00 AM. Wake up Alarm. #UGH
  4. Two in one gift, Lego’s for my son and Lego bag for the Cat. Merry Christmas Goose Moose. #CatsofPost

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