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Executive Director, American Values Coalition

I'm executive director of American Values Coalition, a 501c3 fighting the disinformation and extremism that is coming from right-wing sources and targeting mostly conservative Americans. Previously worked in academia and journalism. University of Florida political science Ph.D. specializing in religion and politics. Grew up mostly in Florida, now living in Texas.

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  1. My recent blog post for AVC:
  2. Christian Nationalism is Un-American

    In today's Dallas Morning News, I write about Christian nationalism, pluralism, tolerance, the disestablishment of religion, and the founding of America. Christian nationalists believe America was founded to be a Christian nation and Christianity should have a favored status. But
  3. Join us for American Values Coalition's next webinar tomorrow night, 8pm ET. The topic is "QAnon and the Church." Register here:
  4. There was a time when I thought these 3 represented the future of the Republican Party and I was excited about it. Their unwillingness to speak with clarity and conviction about the extremism in their ranks has been a huge disappointment.
  5. “What Nixon did was just an ordinary crime,” Luttig says. “What Trump has done is quite arguably the worst crime against the United States that a president could commit.”
  6. What would you say if you saw it in another country? Say, China? (from Florida)
  7. Large study of Hispanic churches just published by Lifeway:
  8. "50% off for all pastors"
  9. Chapter 6 of January 6th Report ...the gallows were planned for weeks. Weeks!
  10. Russell Moore on why evangelicals should address scandals in evangelical churches. Who among us is not exhausted by the constant revelations of scandals and abuses and griftings and cover-ups within t
  11. Antisemitism high among young and old

    Williams and some experts who helped review the study noted that it shows the views of Americans under 30 and those of Americans over 30 are very similar. Of Americans ages 18 to 30, 18 percent said s
  12. True conservative or just anti-Left?

    David Brooks and Bret Stephens reflect on what happened to the GOP. Brooks: My thinking about the G.O.P. goes back to a brunch I had with Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D’Souza in the ’80s that helps me se
  13. “I wonder why the press isn’t asking the same questions of him as vice president taking classified documents that they were asking President Trump,” said Congressman who learned about it because the p
  14. Well this is bad
  15. Meanwhile, in OFFICIAL academic fascism.....
  16. The week leading up to J6, Paul Gosar sent "pertinent" information to Mike Pence about the election from a website called somebitchtoldme dot com, I kid you not.
  17. Hoping that Santos adds an amendment to a legal bill that gets passed so we can dub it the "Santos Clause."
  18. The Democrats speak and behave like white Democrat parent views are the views of the majority of parents on this issue.
  19. Congrats, David French!

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