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Woman who cares about important issues. Medicare works, social security works, trickle down doesn’t. Haters will hate! Let’s be kind to one another. Remember a smile can be infectious ☺️

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  1. Dear Posties, I will not leave Post.News for as long as I can log in and will continue working to keep it. However, I also want to keep in touch and have you in my life. I'm also on Medium (it's free with the App. Hope to seeing you there too. Eli
  2. #MikeLukovich
  3. Love #RandyRainbow
  4. We need to help Ukraine to preserve democracy in Europe, and the US.
  5. I vaguely remember Kushner taking this seriously…until ‘they’ figured out the people dying were mostly immigrants/Democrats. To the tRump’s (Kushner via marriage) they are/were expendable.
  6. This new pro-gay, pro-trans, pro-human song by Orville Peck and Willie Nelson is as great as everyone says it is. Spread this link!
  7. I completely agree!!! My favorites are Stephen and Seth, amazing!
  8. You can’t be serious. Mitch McConnell, the guy who held up Merrick Garland’s nomination for a year. Who REFUSED to convict Trump twice. Who REFUSED to dump him after J6. Who rushed Amy Coney Barrett thru over RBG’s dead body. Now wants to school us on Senate decorum? GIVE ME A BREAK!
  9. Stop calling it "Trump's hush money case" – it's Trump's Felony Election Interference case.
  10. Tax corporate profits, like any profit more than $1 Billion is taxed at 50%. Plug loopholes like contributions to “non-profits” and buy backs.
  11. Absolute perfection as always 🔥
  12. Mark Jacob, a former editor at the Chicago Tribune, said "Clarence Thomas, spouse of a J6 co-conspirator, is participating in a J6 case. The Supreme Court is delegitimizing itself."
  13. Even Individual-1 calls it “Election Interference” 😏
  14. Exactly...
  15. Seriously. Why the hell do people still vote for Republicans when this is their agenda? #StopTrumpsTaxScam

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