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I post book reviews, quotes, and fun facts. All books are audiobooks. Unsourced facts are from the book I'm currently listening to. Please suggest books! I've got CFS so bad I can't work, so this is my hobby. I also spend time suggesting people run referendum campaigns to switch their elections to approval voting.

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  1. Just Keep Learning

    Well, this Great Courses Botany series with Catherine Kleier just keeps getting better and better. Newest fact? We think forest ferns managed to steal genes from mosses through some kind of horizontal
  2. On Collective Narrative

    Until we have some convincing, detailed, agreed upon explanation for the broad pattern of history, most people will continue to suspect that the racist biological explanation is correct after all; tha
  3. Maybe They're New Here

    Hence, when a school of New Guineans from remote villages visit town, they look stupid to westerners. Conversely, I'm constantly aware of how stupid I look to New Guineans when I'm with them in the ju
  4. My own impression, from having divided my life between United States cities and New Guinea villages, is that the so-called a blessings of civilization are mixed. For example, compared with hunter-gath
  5. The First Born by Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter

    Aw gees aw gees, how do I feel about this? It was good? But kinda not? If you think the bomb is the drama it's not very good, but as a's motivating? The end is good. The very end is ver
  6. Looking Good Ain't Cheap

    I've been window shopping for a new look and I just totaled what it would cost for the overhaul. $850 for a whole outfit . I think I'm going to stick with my current style a little longer. #fashion #clothes
  7. On why you should never talk to the police without a lawyer

    Police like to think of themselves [as] the good guys. [...] If you're Ian Thompson and you've just had to defend your home against people fire bombing it–the police, to him, were not the good guy in
  8. The extremely anticipated Nano Book Review awards are here!

    Best Fiction: Devolution by Max Brooks. Bigfoot shows up. All is not well. So exciting I couldn't finish it! Best Non-fiction: Command and Control by Eric Schlosser. An epic tale about how lucky we are
  9. Do you have a reading-based New Year's resolution? Tell us what it is and we'll recommend a book or two to help you get started. We're open until 5PM today and will get to as many as we can.
  10. Phones these days are HUGE!

    I just upgraded from a Motorola #MotoX4 to a @google #Pixel7 and: 1) This new phone is obviously extremely modern and will last me a long time, just like the old one did. B
  11. A Somewhat Independent Trilogy

    Sunstorm by Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter I was curious to see how they followed up Time's Eye and I have to say they did a good job. I'm left with same problem as before: I know this is a trilogy

    The phrase deus ex machina is a bad thing; the writer saves the day with a plot device only just invented at the crux of the drama. But on some level, Deus ex machina is merely the name given to this
  13. Gumption

    You couldn't save it all, but the alternative was to do nothing, and most people seemed to agree you had to try. –Sunstorm #Preservation #Conservation #Books #Quotes #Attitude #Character #Catastrophe #Spirit
  14. Historical Culture Clash

    Time's Eye by Sir Arthur Clarke and Stephen Baxter The world is split apart and put back together again. Why? No one knows. But they're left to deal with the consequences. Friends across time struggle
  15. Uncanny Prediction

    I've been listening to Time's Eye by Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter. I've been amazed at how well they predicted smart phones how people would relate to them in the future. Everything exactly corr
  16. Politics is Time Eternal

    The Dawn of Everything by David Wengrow and David Graeber Only "epic" will suffice. David & David tear apart the myth of historical destiny so thoroughly you'll be wondering how people entertained such
  17. Scientists in 2020 are not–as readers of mid 20th century science fiction might have hoped–encountering alien civilizations in distant star systems. But, they are encountering radically different form
  18. When I think about going into politics, I imagine building a boat by the style and process of American democracy. Inevitably, I realize it would entail standing at a podium while the crowd chants: BOAT
  19. On Conventional Narrative

    Blinded by the "just so" story of how human societies evolved, [post-modern narrators] can't even see half of what's now before their eyes. As a result, the same portrayers of world history who profes
  20. It is also worth observing, monarchy is probably the only prominent system of government we know of in which children are crutial players. [...] The dead can be worshipped under any regime. Even the U

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