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Extroverted introvert

Dog trainer and behaviour consultant. But like, a really fun one.

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  1. 2022… Some of these I’d forgotten had left us. Credit: Twitter (at)christhebarker
  2. I’m already enjoying the ride, and the future looks good!
  3. If you weren’t moved by that, I can’t help you.

    How this guy can stand at the podium and speak so eloquently, so powerfully, and with such conviction after the year he’s had… I just don’t know where he draws it from. If he had collapsed into a hea
  4. Ukrainian President Zelensky about to address US congress. Packed house. I know I’m one of MANY non-Americans watching. 🇺🇦
  5. Yep. I love winter (when it looks like this).

    Posting this now for posterity before Friday’s rain storm washes it away just in time for Christmas. 🙁 #winter #postplaces #Quebec #Canada
  6. I’d like to proclaim that security is the reason I prefer Post, but in truth, Mastodon was just too confusing.

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