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Jersey girl trying to hang on to democracy


“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.” - John Lewis  Voting in every single election is an opportunity, a responsibility, and a necessity if we are to retain our democracy.   - NancyAnn

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  1. Good morning. I know many of us are waking up with heavy hearts. I see so many posts about exploring options to help Post survive and will be overjoyed if that happens. But in case it doesn't, here's what I know about the attempts to keep our community connected elsewhere. @annen
  2. Benton, who played leading roles in the presidential campaigns of Ron and Rand Paul and worked briefly as Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager, helped facilitate an improper $25,000 payment to the Trump camp and the Republican National Committee on behalf of Roman Vasilenko, a Russ
  3. By Aurora DeStefano As House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) pushed a multi-bill package of foreign assistance in the House (including one that allocates approximately $60 billion to Ukraine), Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) pushed back proposing amendments to the legislation inclu
  4. According to a growing number of Republicans, some GOP members aren’t just echoing the Kremlin’s position, they’re also actively taking steps to help Russia prevail in a war against a U.S. ally. This ... isn’t normal.
  5. Trump is funneling campaign money into cash-strapped businesses. Experts say it looks bad via @pbpost
  6. Perfect visual to show the consistent failures and incompetence of the GOP. Or is it their greed that we see....
  7. Fewer loon chicks surviving because of climate change, researchers say. Dr. Doug Tozer, @BirdsCanada's Director, Wetlands and Waterbirds is interviewed regarding this important paper by Dr. Walter Piper. article by Sheryl Devore, Chicago Tribune via AOL . com
  8. There's a reason people call her #MoscowMarge . @emptywheel
  9. "The task is to take the U.S. out of the game, and then destroy NATO."
  10. this is what happens when they tell you to calm down because you are overreacting and you do
  11. This is a MUST SEE segment of Rachel Maddow.
  12. and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.... The Roberts Supreme Court has perverted their position as elite protectors of our justice system. They have gone to the dark side, most of them, and it will take years to remove the stench unless we expand the court.
  13. North Dakota Republicans have officially endorsed a Christian Nationalist and opponent of public schools to be the state’s next education leader. We’ve already seen what happens when someone like that acquires power. In Oklahoma, where an identical role is filled by theocrat Ryan
  14. We lived this. Really something to see it summarized this way.
  15. Good morning ☕ Bill Opus Day-O Barr has been weaponizing the DoJ since Reagan. Barr has allowed many crimes to disappear by perverting the course of justice. Barr shut down any actions the SDNY were pursuing against TFG. He’s the reason why TFG, Mike Flynn and Stone are still aro
  16. By Mathias Hammer Semafor Signals Supported by Microsoft logo Insights from Financial Times, Reuters, and World Bank The News Half of the world’s 75 poorest countries are facing a widening income gap with wealthier nations for the first time this century, the World Bank said in a repor

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