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  1. Dear MAGA bros: If I’m “not allowed” to talk about guns because I don’t hunt, then you’re not allowed to talk about abortion, miscarriage, or anything pregnancy related because you don’t have a uterus. Deal?
  2. Who agrees 81 is better than 91? 💙
  3. Seen on a car windshield in Alabama.
  4. Republicans will hand a 6 year old a gun, force a 10 year old to carry her rapist’s baby to term, allow a grown man to marry an 11 year old and send a 12 year old to work in a meatpacking plant but they won’t give a hungry child a free lunch.
  5. Watch this incredible new ad from @MomsAGAbbott and share widely! Thoughts and prayers are USELESS. Gun violence is the number one killer of children in America. This HAS to stop, and there's a way you can help... You can join the fight to support common sense gun policies by clic
  6. Remember, the Constitution does NOT stipulate the number of Supreme Court justices — that’s set by Congress. It’s been legally changed seven times over the years, with the size of the court varying from six to ten seats. Since there are currently 13 federal appellate courts, many

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