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Supporter of Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ+ community, and gun control. Rejects book bans and fights for democracy

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  1. FaceBook, Instagram, Threads, all down apparently world wide Why isn’t the news media reporting this? Nothing on cable news
  2. I have an Instapot. Where can I find good easy recipes? Thanks!
  3. Where is Mitch McConnell? You dont go to rehab for some bruised ribs.
  4. Re-Post if you don't expect to be arrested this week for concealing and falsely documenting a $130K hush-money payment to a porn star you claim you didn't have sex with.
  5. Hubby grilled a beef roast but unfortunately a bit over cooked. Baked potatoes, salad and a saute of shitake mushrooms and onions. The best was a 2016 Talty Zinfandel
  6. Please Repost and Follow Representative @ritchietorres
  7. Spicy clams for first course Lobster tails with asparagus/mushrooms and salad for Second course Not pictured: Chocolate cake and chocolate covered strawberries. Happy Valentine’s Day
  8. my dip was a winner
  9. I don’t believe in banning books
  10. It is now illegal to study Black history in Florida. According to DeSantis, such courses have no educational value.
  11. Really encouraged by how Post is progressing. Like what is coming next. Thank you Post staff!
  12. I love to cook but sometimes planning meals is a chore. So HelloFresh it is for the next 6 weeks.
  13. Has anyone else noticed that Instagram has become Ad-Central?
  14. Still getting used to my instapot. Doesn’t always work out the way the recipe says. Any suggestions on instapot recipes/cookbooks? #cooking
  15. Let’s not forget that we have to fight against restrictive abortion laws across the nation. AbortionCare is HealthCare. No woman should have to endure an unwanted pregnancy, no matter the reason.
  16. Abortion Care

    Let us not forget that Abortion Care is Healthcare AND if you want an abortion, you should be able to get an abortion. No reason necessary. Your body, your choice!
  17. #UU David Pyle thank you for setting up this UU community
  18. This is insane! Congressman-elect Santos is one of the biggest frauds and con artists in U.S. political history.
  19. Playing hide and seek with a 3 yr old. What joy!
  20. For those of you out there who are Gamers, check out The Quarry. My son was the head writer on the game and he and 2 others have been nominated by the UK Writer’s Guild for video game writing. Proud M

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