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  1. Hi Posters, Today we released a dedicated News Feed. This will be the place where verified news publishers will live and allow you to read diverse perspectives within a single feed. In the past few yea
  2. Three Active Duty Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officers Have Been Arrested For Capitol Insurrection
  3. Welcome to Post @berniceking . We are honored to have you with us.
  4. “The relative success of democracies in dealing with the covid-19 pandemic contrasts with a regime-challenging failure in China. This, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s catastrophic misadv
  5. @noam
  6. 🚨 ATTENTION 🚨 @ProPublica is seeking a reporter to join my incredibly talented and super cool Midwest team. You could live practically anywhere in the region. Salary range $85K-$125K. Details here.
  7. FYI - 50% all hardcovers in-store at Barnes and Noble, including new fiction and children’s books! Happy New Year! #postbooks #joycecaroloats #booklover #postpics
  8. When you’re definitely not scared of rival sites 😆
  9. I joined Yasmin Vossoughian on MSNBC to talk about my crazy few days and the broader implications of Elon Musk arbitrarily suspending journalists from Twitter.
  10. I’m going to try to offer this platform’s first-ever “semi-live” coverage of an hours-long major news event tomorrow, beginning at noon ET. The final House January 6 Committee hearing begins at 1PM tom
  11. Update: I have cancelled my last thread at Twitter, originally scheduled for noon tomorrow. Elon Musk doesn’t deserve a second more of my labor.
  12. Christmas in Kyiv: 2019 2020 2021 2022 #ukraine #postphotos #photography #postplaces #democracy #news #travel
  13. I joined @katiephang 's MSNBC show this morning to talk about getting my Twitter account reinstated and why I think the suspension of Linette Lopez, a reporter who has investi
  14. Twitter has reinstated my account, but one silver lining of this whole ordeal is that it prompted me to get going here on Post. I'm very grateful for how many people have already followed me here, and
  15. I have a feeling things are going to get more interesting here. May I suggest that Post set up RSS news feeds of leading news outlets Call it @nytimesfeed @Espnfeed @washpostfeed etc. Or any outlet n
  16. Post is looking to raise $50 million at a $250 million valuation. Additionally, Post is telling potential investors that it has: Activated over 100,000 accounts About 400,000 potential users on its waitl
  17. White House lit up in rainbow colors tonight to celebrate #MarriageEquality and signing of the Respect for Marriage Act. Big day 🏳️‍🌈 . 📸 White House
  18. As more people are allowed on this will become more frequent. Good job catching and giving fair warning. Post dot Com is by far the most civil social media platform to date thus its popularity is assu
  19. #fusion
  20. It's an interesting twist on Twitter these days. My Twitter mentions are 99pct right leaning responses. My feed is normal. But it's a new world over there. Elon has his work cut out for him figuri

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