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Lifelong computer programmer, student of many arts and sciences, writer, Bostonian, chess player, pro-LGBT Catholic Christian who never misses Sunday mass, quite vigorous history nerd - especially on Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, and 18th Century America. Republican who eats middle-aged conservative white male Trump apologists for breakfast. I am not a political professional, but I am among the best of the amateurs. (My political commentary print/radio/TV appearances in the blue icon link above.) Being right is everything. Getting there is quite hard.

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  1. New political podcast w/me

    NEW: Commonwealth Magazine takes on an issue nobody has dared to: "Has party imbalance broken Massachusetts’ democracy?” A: YES IT HAS. This podcast (summarized in the article alongside it) is all about how the two-party system in Massachusetts has failed and what to do about it.
  2. An Audit of MA Legislature?

    New Massachusetts political opinion piece from me in CommonWealth Magazine about how an unprecedented investigation of our legislature by our new state auditor would be popular, but not a good idea. #mapoli
  3. New Substack from a friend: "Rightlandia"

    I just subscribed to the new substack, "Rightlandia" - by a history professor in Oregon who writes about the far right. @sethcotlar (here on post) has tremendous knowledge of the far-right in America, (he has the receipts, as they say) and in his state
  4. Sad for Dr. Fauci

    I had a strange dark feeling reading that a national hero like Dr. Fauci is surrounded by cameras and armed guards because Republican elected officials and media figures at all levels have focused so much hate on him that his life is threatened.
  5. Surprisingly good interview with lead Jan 6 committee investigator. There was real legal vigor, but they also brought in TV producers to make the work compelling. Wow.
  6. In a real bookstore! In politics section, only 7 book types: - Famous person memoir - Famous person manifesto - Academic book having a moment - 635-page explanation of Trump - Running for president - Naive plan for fixing American politics - Historical period was bad like now
  7. This column captures a lot of the full disaster that is the new House GOP control. This is why I cannot vote GOP at the federal level. Not even for republicans I like. For now, that would enable more of this. This political sub-culture must be eradicated.
  8. Yep. I support transgender rights, but there are a lot of tough situations during this time of change. I have two kids in middle school, so I see what's going on in an age range that has always been r
  9. When "Speaker" McCarthy oversees nightmarish political attacks on America's government and society in the next two years, you may see these last few days differently. And you won't be giggling.
  10. My picks for most important news of 2022

    My top 2022 stories: Russia invades Ukraine, AI shocks the world, Pentagon testifies in Congress on UFO reports, pandemic ends, Roe falls, SCOTUS badly wounded by Dobbs and disclosures of leaks+lobbyi
  11. New at Media Nation: A Long Island weekly had the goods on George Santos before Election Day. So where was the NY Times — and Newsday, for that matter? Hat tip to Josh Marshall.
  12. Thanks to 1/6 Committee

    As it ends, let me say to all who participated in the non-partisan Jan. 6 committee: I am impressed. You delivered far more than I imagined, and you made me feel good about what Congress can do. Thank
  13. An overdue long-form piece in the Washington Post on how a former Harvard-educated moderate Republican in New York State sold her soul to become a MAGA priestess.
  14. No one read this new essay yet, but I used politics as a powerful lens to explore the abilities and flaws of the new Artificial Intelligence. #mapoli
  15. Do me a favor and let people know I’m giving this site a try. I suppose you can “Repost” this? Is that the right term?
  16. Essay: A Robot Political Expert Has Just Arrived

    A Massachusetts-politics-themed tour of the new ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence program. Its shocking abilities will soon compete with human experts in politics and policy. I explore in this new essay
  17. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Gandhi
  18. I think AI is going to be transforming our society and politics soon. Wondering how much I want to talk about that here, with a tech-informed-angle as I can run some of it myself. Hmmmm…
  19. New Hampshire will remain first in 2024 DNC Primary

    Prediction: New Hampshire will realize the DNC/RNC are the weakest they have ever been and their own delegates counting in the election doesn’t matter much. They will hold a rogue #fitn primary, get m
  20. The Oracle of Massachusetts Politics is on Post!

    Hey Everyone in #mapoli here - if you don't already know - Steve Koczela is now here on post, and he's one of the best pollsters in America. His polling shop does accurate candidate polling and wonde

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