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  1. John Quincy Adams served in the US House after his presidency. William Taft served on the Supreme Court after his presidency. Jimmy Carter built homes for the houseless, helped eliminate disease, and advanced human rights after his presidency. Donald Trump will be convicted of mu
  2. Take the billions of frozen Russian assets and give them to Ukraine. Now. Slava Ukraini!
  3. Fuck Nikki Haley. In one breath she won’t rule out supporting #CheetoJesus as the nominee AND says this: “One way or another we are going to have a female President, either me or Kamala Harris.” Is she threatening Biden’s life? Her party’s nominee (sorry Nikki) is cool with that.
  4. Joe Biden is the 14th greatest president of all time. Donald Trump is the worst president of all time. Don’t vote for the loser. Vote for Dark Brandon. Vote Blue.
  5. Here’s how the Western allies should respond to Putin executing Navalny: Seize the $388 billion in Russian funds currently frozen in western bank accounts — and give it to Ukraine. Today.
  6. Here’s the deal: We stop shaming the poor for buying things that may not be essential, and start shaming the rich for making a profit off things that are essential.
  7. Liz Cheney: “I will never vote for Donald Trump and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that Donald Trump is defeated.” Savanah Guthrie: “Including a vote for Biden?” Liz Cheney: “I will do whatever it takes.”
  8. By Amee Vanderpool Donald Trump claimed that he was prevented from using the military to quell violence in primarily Democratic cities and states during his presidency, while speaking at a campaign rally in Iowa earlier this year. The front-runner for the 2024 Republican president
  9. We need to hold our media to account. They are in large part responsible for the mess we are in.
  10. If America had followed Jimmy Carter's leadership on alternative energy, America would be energy independent now. But Reagan was the poster boy for oilsucker billionaires and Americans fell for his bullcrap.
  11. "Ask who benefits globally from these eye for eye spirals of violence. Warmongers, terrorists, fundamentalists and autocratic regimes dedicated to chaos and hatred (overlapping categories) will do anything to stop peaceful coexistence and solidarity within and among nations." Ruth
  12. Billionaires control too many things and too many people, especially those in elected positions. Tax them not just because of the canyons of disparity in money but also, and most importantly, for their noxious abuse of power against the people.
  13. America, 2023.
  14. Stop calling them shooters. Call them mass-murderers.
  15. I had the privilege of attending the hearing before Judge Chutkan today that resulted in a March 4th, 2024 trial date for the DC case against Donald Trump for his alleged obstruction of the peaceful transfer of power and conspiracy against rights. I arrived at 9:30 AM, about thir
  16. Donald Trump decided to campaign in the middle of his indictments and Judge Chutkan doesn’t give a fuck. March 4th bitches.

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