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I'm from a small country town, loves all animals and despises everything trump!

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  1. Hole in one.. 😅
  2. This is my sweet stray Sammy. She's one of three that showed up at my house 2 yrs ago. Yesterday I went outside to feed them and found her dead in the cat house. I'm heartbroken 😭 RIP sweet girl!
  3. A lot of people are now asking what business Donald Trump had in China during his presidency, like this is something we are only just starting to think about finding out now. No. There was an entire “Tr
  4. Tucker Carlson is a Kremlin asset.
  5. CONFIRMED: The Fix Was Indeed In on the IRS Never Auditing Trump While He Was President A new report raises questions about a possible conspiracy inside the Trump administration to protect the then-pre
  6. This may be my longest post yet—but I hope you’ll share it widely. It’s a one-stop FAQ for things new Posties are likely to want to know.
  7. BREAKING: January 6 Committee have unanimously finalized criminal referrals against Donald J. Trump to the Justice Department — per NBC news
  8. If you are still on Twitter, you need to get off it immediately. Read this brief essay to understand why the new Twitter policy Elon Musk just announced today needs to be the last straw for everyone l
  9. He doesn't want to wait for Christmas!
  10. The MSM never reported on this once.
  11. Do you have #LongCovid? Would you be interested in helping #Stanford #researchers learn whether Paxlovid can benefit people with this condition or not? Here’s a study link. Pass it along! Let’s get s
  12. Trying to get the goodie bags done and this guy is making it kinda hard 😂
  13. Check out my “Following” list—a curated selection of great follows in politics, journalism, entertainment, tech, art, and law—for many, many more surprises beyond those below. I hope you’ll share this
  14. The slow death of my Christmas tree!
  15. Just started my account here! Looking for something other than toxic twitter!

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