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Mormon Women’s History Initiative Team


Kind of like a Relief Society for history nerds.

Promoting research and networking in the field of Mormon women’s history. On IG and Twitter (for now) at mwhitcentral, and on FB at “I Love Mormon Women’s History.”

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  1. Few successes make me happier than restoring William and Marie Graves, pioneering members of the Oakland, California Branch, to the awareness of their modern Mormon community. Today is Marie's day to
  2. From Michigan, 1878: a heartfelt message that is practically a poetic short sermon. #LDSpost #LDSwomen #mormonwomenshistory
  3. I write a short piece of history for my Relief Society's newsletter. Here's the story for this week: When the Saints began to leave Nauvoo in February 1846, they faced months of chaos and disorder. Th
  4. “The District Relief Society held their bazaar in conjunction with the fete and raised £56.“ #ReliefSociety #mormonwomenshistory
  5. First posts are a lot of pressure, so let’s all just shake hands, sing the Doxology, and call it good. Amen.

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