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Mike Wilson


Flaming Liberal, Child of the 60's.

Native Vermonter, antique dealer, forager and most important Husband Father & G Pa. 39 years sober.

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  1. Morning Music #music #morningmusic
  2. Every fucking time I hear somebody say, “both sides are equally bad” it pisses me off. Republicans put Donald fucking Trump in the White House, elected MTG, elected Gosar, elected Bobo, elected Cruz,
  3. #Music #IanTyson #FolkMusic #Canada Rest in Peace Ian Tyson
  4. #repost
  5. So excited about tonight's #PaulSimon #TV special on #CBS at 9PM ET! Who else will be watching with me? One of the cool things about a brand new #SocialMedia platform is getting to share gold nuggets
  6. Late afternoon sun in Vermont. 1st post.
  7. Absolutely!
  8. If you walk into a pizza place and it looks like this…stay. If it doesn’t…leave. Photo: Antonio’s in Brooklyn
  9. Radio personality John Melendez called the new Trump trading card NFTs “Brokémon cards" and I will forever be referring to 45 as Brokémon

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