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It used to be all about music, TV and movies, but now it's a lot of politics. I just wanna have fun.

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  1. Is mankind redeemable? Are aliens any better than us? Contact with a technologically advanced civilization is made in the 1960s, but we quickly betray our own. Soon after, the aliens figure out how conniving we are. In the end, this wild, science-driven story is just beginning.
  2. Song of the Day: Bryant Roses - Fourteen More Pages #songoftheday #music
  3. This was excellent. #music #tv
  4. This was good. Wish he had a little more time to jam it out. #music #tv
  5. Song of the Day: Tyler Childers - Percheron Mules #music #songoftheday
  6. Another weirdly funny skit. #tv
  7. They even got Chris Stapleton involved in a funny way. #tv
  8. Weird but funny. #tv
  9. This was insanely funny. I wonder if anyone knew how they would look before they showed up. #tv
  10. An excellent monologue! #tv
  11. SNL was just about perfect last night. They all had the giggles from the first skit. #tv
  12. Song of the Day: Sarah Shook & The Disarmers - Dogbane #music #songoftheday
  13. Song of the Day: Peter Garrett - Paddo #music #songoftheday
  14. If you missed the latest episode of John Oliver, he breaks some major news regarding the source of phenobarbital. And it likely is being manufactured and utilized illegally. #politics #tv
  15. Song of the Day: The Byrds - Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) #music #songoftheday
  16. Song of the Day: Jackson Browne - The Dreamer #music #songoftheday
  17. Nicolas Cage stars as himself in this wacky spy-thriller, while Pedro Pascal plays a superfan under investigation by the CIA. There are numerous nods to Cage's prior work, but the best part about this film is that it never takes itself too seriously. #movies
  18. Song of the Day: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song #music #songoftheday
  19. Shadows and light during the eclipse. It's amazing how bright it still is at 93%. Also amazing how much colder it is.
  20. Song of the Day: Pink Floyd - Brain Damage / Eclipse #music #songoftheday

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