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Atheist. Left-handed klutz. Physics fan. Introvert. As Virgo as it gets. I want everyone to thrive. Endlessly curious. Love to read. Lifelong Winnie the Pooh fan.

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  1. What the fuck are you doing @nbcnews ? Your job isn't to breathlessly propagate salacious innuendo from House Republicans. Your job is to tell us what's true, and your subhead makes pretty damn clear the innuendo in the headline is bullshit.
  2. I don't think I've been this upset in a long time. Just in case anyone from outside Illinois hasn't heard this news, Chicago recently enacted an ordinance allowing for the confiscation of buses that drop off immigrants in Chicago without warning . They have had to do so because bus
  3. People insist that Santa is white. Some say, he is Black. Isn’t this all just wrong? I once saw Santa in the internment camps, and he was most definitely Asian.
  4. Oh look, the person who pretended to be really worried and upset about campus antisemitism meeting “her friend,” the leader of a fascistic movement, the guy who just raged against immigrants “poisoning the blood of our country.”
  5. So true on so many levels “As an exasperated Maureen Dowd put it in her New York Times column over the weekend, “Why should I have to make the case that a man who tried to overthrow the government should not be president again?””
  6. House Republicans have introduced legislation to repeal the $35/month cap on insulin that Democrats passed for seniors on Medicare. I need you to retweet and spread the word about this. Every voter needs to know.
  7. I had the pleasure to visit the Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project (CWP) this morning. The CWP hosted by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood is in Charlotte. Habitat is building 27 homes this week. That's a major undertaking. 27 families who may have been waiting for 2 years a
  8. Yeah, why? #Politics

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