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Pacific Northwest, USA

I play in mud. Former fiber artist now a ceramic artist exploring Nerikomi and Agateware. Animal and nature lover. Humor is held in high regard. Bring back satire.

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  1. Anti Vaxx Verdict Is In

    Now we know A lack of problem-solving skills and rigid thinking linked to vaccine refusal, study finds ( “Socio-cognitive polarization” better known as:
  2. I know I know: Newsweek. However, the timing in the wake of MTG's Blue/Red Divorce makes it timely as well as true. It's proof those that think this is good thing have very little if any understanding of basic economics. It's very true that deep red states could not survive succe
  3. Laying out Nerikomi canes for vessel construction. #art #pottery #nerikomi #porcelain #ceramics
  4. There's a logical explanation

    No way man. We don't need no stinking logic! Fear mongering and conspiracy theories are way more fun! <satire> Here's why mysterious flying objects are suddenly popping up all over the place, according to the general leading the commands shooting them down (
  5. This map is very interesting to me because it's the beginning of climate change migration & the first I've seen on the topic. I'd been wondering about the impact of future voting based on climate migration. I know many Californians moved to Texas & Idaho during the pandemic but w
  6. This is what happens when your production and erratic management style is fire fighting and flying by the seat of your pants. I spent decades in new product development and watched this method out there with companies using this style and putting shoddy products out there & most
  7. After Biden spoke last night, this song came to mind as the perfect theme song for the GOP. To quote Seger about the song, he said: " The narrator has recently joined an organization [middle management I imagine.] He's trying to figure it out and where it's going. He talks to bot
  8. Police Reform

    This sort of thing is beyond the pale. I taught Special Ed kids for awhile and there were occasions when I was thrown into trash cans, etc. trying to handle them. But at no point would I, or did I , even consider kneeling on their fragile necks. Yes, there were times we had to re
  9. Cell Phone Weirdo?

    I feel as if I'm in a huge minority in my cell phone usage as compared to others. I use it for the alarm in the am, read NPR, BBC, local news and weather with my coffee, then shut it off until I go to bed at night and set the alarm. I don't take it with me into the bathroom & it
  10. Race To Mars-An Excellent Canadian Film

    I cannot recommend this enough. There are no aliens but if you enjoy tech, science and well done special effects that make you feel like you're in space or on Mara, this is for you. I watched it on Roku & never lost interest nor forwarded through a single frame, which is what I
  11. I had an entire kiln full today with zero failures. That hasn't ever happened before. Some highlights: #Agateware #Nerikomi #SlipDecor #InclusionStains #Pottry #Ceramics
  12. Race to Mars

    "Race to Mars" on Roku is turning out to be pretty interesting and the special effects are very realistic without being over the top. At first I thought it would show the technology in the book "Saturn Run" but the technology in this one is much more intriguing. Most of our limitat
  13. Dental Costs

    I dropped $195 today to get my teeth cleaned. As I was walking back to my car I recalled once paying $30. Then it hit me: I am my grandparents! "Back in the day...." #aging
  14. If I fits, I sits. #cats
  15. In what should be much higher odds against it, I found a firing schedule that got rid of my pinholing problem with porcelain G2926B clear on the 2nd one I tried. Both were slow cooling programs but the first one had too long of a hold at too high of a temperature. I inserted a 5
  16. It's been 2 days of prep work but I'm finally ready to try a new firing schedule in my ongoing search for the perfect clear glaze that works with both my stoneware and porcelain. I'll have a couple of days to work on my Nerikomi and get a chance to use my newly made bisque mold.
  17. Still my favorite shirt.
  18. I am a HSP. No, it doesn't mean we're emotionally sensitive, we're just wired differently.
  19. Oh George Santos, with words so sweet and sly, Thou doth deceive with promises untrue, Thy tongue doth drip with honey, yet thy eye Betrays the malice that doth lurk therein. Thy heart, a labyrinth of
  20. New electric blanket gets cat seal of approval.

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