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Literary publicist / co-founder, Broadside PR

Literary publicist. '22/'23 clients: Nicole Chung, Abraham Verghese, Luis Alberto Urrea, Safiya Sinclair, Nathan Thrall, Namwali Serpell, Jonathan Escoffery, Tom Perrotta, Ada Limón, Maud Newton, Whiting Foundation. Co-founder, Broadside PR.

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  1. Lauren Davila made a stunning discovery as a graduate student at the College of Charleston: an ad for a slave auction larger than any historian had yet identified. The find yields a new understanding of the enormous harm of such a transaction. #Charleston #Slavery #Slaves #History
  2. #bookpost
  3. Maureen Corrigan's 10 favorite books of the year, including Jonathan Escoffery's IF I SURVIVE YOU! #bookpost #freshair #jonathanescoffery
  4. This New Yorker article is spectacular

    #bookpost Katy Waldman on Elizabeth Bishop's "The Shampoo" ("I’ve always heard something deeply intimate (and queer) in its subtle slanted rhymes") and Julian Lucas on Calvino's Invisible Cities ("Som
  5. Over the moon to see Namwali Serpell’s masterful THE FURROWS on the NY Times’ Top 10 list!
  6. Yesterday, in a nearly empty theater, I saw a matinee of Park Chan-wook’s Decision to Leave. Pure heaven.

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