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  1. my career choices are literally shaped by my desire to stay alive. the companies I can work for are based upon my being intersex. i wake up wondering if our apartment is going to be firebombed or we are going to lose our children this is the "special treatment" they claim we get #
  2. I am not a fan of wattpad so I am going to be moving my stuff over to a blog that actually allows formatting.
  3. Check out the next installment of Through the fog of war - Experiences as a transgender veteran. Where a letter is sent to the va in response to provider treatment towards us #wattpad #creativenonfict
  4. Check out Through the fog of war - Part 4 my on going saga inside a damaged mind #wattpad
  5. Get the word out
  6. Check out today's drop of Through the fog of war - Part 3 #trauma #war #creativenonfiction #wattpad
  7. Trip to Vegas #photography #desert #landscape
  8. Through the fog of war - Part 2 is now available on #wattpad #trauma #creativenonfiction
  9. Sleepy desert fox #photography #desert #landscape #animals
  10. The law school idea (returns) or how I learned to love upsetting my counselor for good

    So feeling out my VA rep, I am pretty sure he realizes I hate my current program and school, and considering they are trying to pick my elective credits too, that frustrates me as it's my only choice
  11. It was never about protecting children. It was always about deflecting blame and attention from their own proclivities. If you end up with a genocide then it is good for their business.
  12. It reminds me of exchanges I had with several interpreters to learn Arabic while I helped them expand their English and military understanding.
  13. lol

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