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Unapologetically petty. Writing a book and you're probably in it. Ignore my cursing. Vote Blue to Protect Civil Rights, Believer of Fair Wages, Women’s Rights, Supporter of Unions, SS and Medicare are Not An Entitlement. Lover of music, books, science and humor. Not really grumpy, just an extraordinary level of snark.

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  1. Wait until Georgia drops. Then Nara-Lago Then J6. In the meantime, there's E.Jean Carroll. Then Tish James in October. They won't have time to do any guvmentin'. Foof!!! #TrumpIndictment #TrumpForPrison
  2. The biggest challenge facing our country today is the hardened opposition by large elements of the GOP to free and fair elections. I know how we fight against it but I don't know how we resolve it.
  3. My latest article:
  4. Another recent writing on women of color and the global environmental movement:
  5. "So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness." Sidney Poitier
  6. KYIV (Reuters) - A 50-year-old man and his 11-year-old daughter were killed after Russian forces struck a residential building in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia early on Sunday, authorities said. Ukraine's State Emergency service also reported that a 46-year-old w
  7. SHANGHAI (Reuters) -Tesla Inc is opening a factory in Shanghai, capable of producing ten thousand Megapack energy product per year, to supplement output of Megapack factory in California, the company said in a tweet on Sunday. The news was first reported by Chinese state media out
  8. Y’all, this is the best cold opening SNL has had in years. Blown away by James Austin Johnson’s impression of Trump. I’m astonished at how he’s captured the chaotic and oft-distracted stream of consciousness that is Trump’s rhetorical style. Uncanny.
  9. By: Kenny Jacoby, USA TODAY On a cold January day in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mary Moffett sat in an oversized chair in her living room, flipped to a blank page in her notepad and wrote a letter. Once finished, she typed it up and printed two copies: one addressed to University of Mich
  10. 😂
  11. #SlavaUkraini
  12. It’s time to keep fighting for women’s rights!
  13. Always good news when a #GOP gets arrested AND goes away instead of sticking around to stink up the place!
  14. Seeing lots of people concerned that DeWine will sign the Ohio voter suppression bill. If he does, Ohio will be sued.
  15. Absolutely.
  16. ALERT: I will be LIVE POSTING the 1/6 criminal referral hearing tomorrow at 1 PM ET HERE ON POST and NOT on Twitter. I'll put it up on twitter later. See you tomorrow!
  17. Twitter’s new Board of Directors.

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