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3x cancer survivor (breast/uterine) w/ lymphedema. Co-host of the Lymphedema Mavens Podcast Lymphedema Patient Advocate! Political Junkie

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  1. Yup
  2. Book banned at a school named after its author 🤬🤬🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽
  3. I'm a lifelong Catholic but I don't want kids to be forced to pray in their public schools. Texans don't want their kids to be forced to study the Bible in public schools. We can go to church to study the Ten Commandments if that's what we want. We especially don't need a lesson in
  4. Joan Walsh: Trump vs. DeSantis Death Match? Bring It On!
  5. Never forget how Trump would not allow the Biden transition team to be on site at the White House. That should’ve been a warning to everybody that a coup was being planned and classified documents wer
  6. Republican fraud George Santos was broke and unable to make rent, but suddenly came into a windfall of cash and was able to lend over $700,000 to his own campaign. He did not report a single client on
  7. He's a lying LIAR!
  8. If any Democratic legislatures need ideas for expanding voting rights in their states, I am happy to make suggestions.
  9. Today, the Gun Violence Archive with just five days to go in the year, found that 6,023 U.S. children 17 years old or younger have been killed or hurt in gunfire this year, surpassing the 5,708 killed
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  11. If he refuses, Congress should expel him. He should also be investigated by authorities. Just about every aspect of his life appears to be a lie. We’ve seen people fudge their resume but this is total
  12. Did you just join Post from Twitter? Are you looking for your friends? Will you follow back? If so… Reply to this post Follow everyone else who has replied (follow them first, don’t just follow back - f
  13. This story is horrifying.
  14. Powerful cover for the new Olivia Nuzzi piece : (Photo: Damon Winter/The New York Times/ Redux / #photography )
  15. Silencing his competitors. We want to make sure that our Twitter friends can find us and we're so excited for Post folks to discover our journalism! Please help us grow our presence here on Post! DA

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