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Timothy Chace


Renaissance Man

Rhode Island

High School Assistant Principal for 23 years. M.S. in Applied Educational Psychology. ABD in Educational Leadership. Believer in kids. Admirer of teachers. Collaboration, Inspiration and Appreciation. Opinions are mine alone.

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  1. This is like the 7th game of the World Series ending in the 10th inning in a tie and then going to home run derby to decide it. Crazy. #WorldCup #WorldCupFinal
  2. The Red Sox are playing five-dimensional chess and everyone else in #baseball is playing checkers. Just wait til they reveal their genius plan that starts with getting rid of all future Hall of Famers
  3. This is the face of someone who isn't buying one more present, card, wrapping paper roll, tape... nothing. #HoHoHo #bahhumbug #HappyHolidays #Christmas
  4. Hello to all my new (and future) Post friends, from Lexi and Pico. #PostPets
  5. The problem with canned or scripted curriculum even when it's been deemed "high quality" by whichever government entity got paid off to say that is, a professional teacher does not simply deliver, or
  6. My NEWEST blog post: See It, Support It, Share It: Improving School Culture and Climate

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