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Rothschildean globalist and proud EU citizen of nowhere. Ruthless cosmopolitan & drinker of cosmopolitans. There are galaxy brains and there are chicken brains.

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  1. "He puts immigration top of his list. “Immigration is one of the main issues from Brexit that people just don’t feel has been sorted out at all. It’s off the scale. There’s a hotel down the road that’
  2. I am perhaps too young to remember a time when it was not!
  3. "At the root of the trolling mindset is defensiveness. Conservatives perceive, not always incorrectly, that liberals are laughing at them for being a bunch of tasteless rubes with boring sex lives and
  4. Mush has a new gofundme
  5. Maybe he wanted to pay in LGB crypto currency?

    "In the fantasy world, the Neom plans drafted by McKinsey, Boston Consulting and Oliver Wyman include flying cars, robot maids, hologram faculty teachers, a giant artificial moon, glow-in-the-dark bea
  7. Hi everyone!!! Elmo finally convinced me to start moving away from Twitter and this place looks super nice!!! Say hi and follow, will follow in return.
  8. I wonder if the name of the platform will change to Gabarler Social? Or Truth ParGab? Anyway, it’s starting to look like a mashup of all three. I vote for Dumpster Fire.

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