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Sailor, gardener, public policy specialist, duck keeper and current patella fracture (not very) patient

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  1. I wish there were more folks from #NZTwitter here. Sing out if you’ve joined up. 👋👋👋
  2. Patella fracture recovery

    I spectacularly broke my left kneecap in April and have been pretty much immobilised and in pain since then. It’s been a tough journey. I’m concentrating on trying to walk with a controlled gait atm a
  3. We’re raining these five abandoned Indian Runner ducklings. They were abandoned by their mum and a couple nearly died. They’re one month old now and are doing just great. #ducklings
  4. Introduction

    Introducing myself: I live in New Zealand, born in Yorkshire. I work in public policy (housing and urban development) and am a lifelong socialist. Loves: gardening, ducks, small dinghy sailing, body b
  5. Anyone here from NZ Twitter?
  6. Having my daughter here for Christmas is the absolute best ♥️♥️♥️

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