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How'd we end up on the floor anyway? Your roommate's cheap-ass screw-top rosé, that's how 🍷 Full-time dreamer, part-time ink slinger. Fueled by coffee☕️ prosecco🥂 & tacos 🌮 Equal parts sunshine & savage. Immigrant. Take me to the lakes, where all the poets went to die 📖

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  1. A German tourist remains missing after reportedly jumping off a ferry in Koh Samui.
  2. I can't seem to go all the way back to my first post, and likewise, I'm not able to navigate to some of the earlier posts on friends pages either. Anyone know if this is just temporary growing pains,
  3. Things to help new and old arrivals. HOW TO FIND #FRIENDS OR FAMILIAR BIG NAME ACCOUNTS : The easiest way to find a lot of simpatico people when you first arrive is to scroll through the Explore page, se
  4. Hello Post News and Post friends. I have an e-cookbook out on Apple Books with 90 of my favorite recipes. And it’s completely free to download. So get it now! And share the link!
  5. Hi Everyone, One of the things we are working on is tools for Micro-communities to find and organize themselves. Think about topic centered feeds (i.e #Ukraine , #Inflation , #Gardening , #medical ), prof
  6. So far I am testing positive
  7. Love these updates. Transparent and clear focuses that let users decide if now is (or is not) the right time for them to engage. They also provide clear insight into the work and corporate culture bei
  8. If you deactivate, your handle will become available in 30 days or so. Ripe for imposters and scammers. An ex-twitter employee on mastodon suggests this: - Deactivate. - Login and reactivate. - Immediat
  9. ⚡️ journalists at the fort worth star-telegram are now on strike, a first in texas
  10. My fellow Georgians 🍑 - please don't forget to vote, no matter where you are #WarnockForGeorgia If you're overseas, at this date, you'll need to send it overnight/express with proof of delivery Trac
  11. The Brooklyn Public Library Gives Every Teenager in the U.S. Free Access to Books Getting Censored by American Schools
  12. This is like college summer school when all the usual social norms are paused and everyone is nice to each other.
  13. Now that my children are grown, I'm considering adding to my seasonal glassware 😂 #Postmas
  14. Welcome to all of our new users! I put together this Post Getting Started guide to help you navigate the product, see current functionality, learn about known bugs, and find out what upcoming features
  15. My social media life so far has pretty much just been Twitter, but as the arsonists take control there I’m going to start accounts anywhere I can to promote this new book. Let’s go.
  16. #PetsOfPost Mishka & Maisie 🐾🐾
  17. Thanksgiving menu at Plaza Hotel NYC, 1899 #HappyThanksgiving credit: Michael Beschloss
  18. I'm not with my family in the states - definitely missing Thanksgiving 🥧 I'm having Korean chicken instead. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all 🥂

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