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Brit. Californian. American. In that order. Photographs. Words. I can write cursive, punctuate and listen. I never met an Oxford comma I didn't like. Critical thinking skills and not afraid to use them.

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  1. My heart was unprepared for the joy that was Christmas morning with one year old twins. We are beyond blessed to have a home full of love and laughter today. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas fro
  2. ... And the Texas Republican innkeeper, Greg Abbott by name, said unto the poor shivering refugees, there is no room in my rich sprawling inn. I will send you unclad to another inn, far away, and lea
  3. #ranchogordo Yellow eye bean stew with a hickory smoked ham hock. Been eating it for lunch every day this week
  4. Just read the entire ftx complaint. Ellison admitted "during a meeting" that she knew that Alameda was unlawfully using FTX' depositors funds. Admitted to whom, two days before FTX filed bk? Was she
  5. Set phasers to @georgehtakei is a Postee in 3…2…
  6. Zelensky speech was moving, of the moment. He's a great leader. I'm a fan of Churchill and his speech gave me a Churchillian shiver up my spine. Slava Ukraini!
  7. #dogsofpost My old girl has just been diagnosed with heart failure. Right now she's managed well but she's 14, I guess I'd rather have a bum ticker take her out slowly rather than cancer. Please send
  8. P-22, a metaphor for Los Angeles

    And to all Angelenos, how is P-22's passing not a metaphor for every hopeful who comes to this City of the Angels? Born near the ocean in the Santa Monica mountains he walked miles and miles and crosse
  9. Revisiting Santa

    My friend who is an actor and who is rotund and has a white beard plays Santa for local communities around this time of year. Went to visit him last night at a carol concert and was chatting with him
  10. Read so many good books lately

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