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Old blue collar worker. Anonymous just because. If I turn into a jerk, feel free to call me out.

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  1. Russian intelligence operatives - and their allies on the US far right - have infiltrated this site, and Congress and the media, spreading their propaganda to try to undermine American support for Ukraine. Are you going to let them? Re-post this if you continue to support Ukraine
  2. Tip of the cap to the officer that didn’t hold the door open 🀣
  3. Paying no income tax in 2020 is one thing. Getting a 5.4 million dollar refund in 2020 is another 😑
  4. Rural proverb

    Old joke: doctor tells patient to quit smoking,drinking and eating fatty foods. Patient asks if he does all that will he live longer? Doctor says no. But it will feel like it.
  5. Wordle 540 3/6 ⬜⬜🟨🟨🟩 ⬜🟨⬜⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  6. BG

    Checked my fb page a little bit ago. Locals still upset about BG. Putin knows what he’s doing. The same folks are pissed about her release that celebrated her capture.

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