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Salutations, Humans

Emerald City

In my real life, I ... wait, is this real life? Ah, carp, I'm getting my spinning top again.

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  1. Liverwurst

    “I got a whole big theory about it, you know — different kinds of food make for different kinds of dreams. Now if I have a ham and cheese on rye like that, I dream about a tall cool blonde, sort of a
  2. I'm very proud of us for watching an absurd amount of Christmas movies this holiday
  3. The "Epoch Times" sent me a print issue to "break through big tech state censorship", while somehow in between antivax and "deep state" conspiracy pieces attempting to make themselves look like an "un
  4. "oh I got a 5 dollar class action settlement! I'll spend it on half a banana"
  5. Have been listening to this. It is immensely entertaining. #AChristmasCarol #CharlesDickens #NeilGaiman
  6. Also! Some states provide free covid tests, for instance Minnesota, Washington, Wisconsin here: Also, even though they make it complicated and annoying: Your health insurance has to reimburse you for
  7. Ah, here goes. A new social media platform. Another one. I am going to regret this aren't I. Or perhaps not, perhaps this one will keep the chess-playing pigeons at bay well enough to avoid damage from th

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