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Moxxie Ventures is a seed stage VC. 💙

Moxxie Ventures is a seed stage VC. We invest in founders who make life & work better 🌱✨❤️🚧🚀 @Certn @clubhouse @luminai @trydaily @basigokenya @overstoryai

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  1. 🎉 Congratulations @kesava_kirupa, CEO and co-founder of @luminai, for being recognized by @Forbes for his leadership in enterprise software! #30Under30
  2. Who are the best founders on @Post we should follow and learn more about? We're most interested in software solutions to hard problems that help a lot of people - #climate, #health, #fintech, #enterprise.
  3. 👋 Hello world! Also, please let us invest in this awesome product, @noam 🤗😂💙🙏

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