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  1. Asian Readathon 2023

    Join me for the #AsianReadathon 2023! I started early with The Red Palace, by June Hur and just finished it. Amazing book, and I'd especially recommend it for fans of #Kdrama Sageuks like #TheRedSleeve For more information, and reading suggestions, checkout this Youtube video anno
  2. Barry Keoghan spent 7yrs in foster care, in 13 different foster homes. Today, aged 30, he was nominated for an Oscar for The Banshees of Inisherin . #Oscars #grit
  3. I’m glad it’s not just me. I sometimes can’t tell if the dialog in movies is getting harder to hear or if my ears are just getting old.
  4. NEW EPISODE of the Daebak Podcast: We look back at the year in dramas and go in on some of the most controversial moments of 2022. Hear what we really thought of the endings of #RebornRich , #TwentyFiv
  5. “I was struck by how clear and obvious their love is from the first minutes of the first episode. That continued to be visible throughout the behind-the-scenes series; it’s something that’s hard to fa
  6. Love this — seafood seller on Mulberry Bend, Manhattan, 1900 (colorized)
  7. If you’re watching #AlchemyofSouls you have to watch Emma_Bvideos latest fan edit. #alchemyofsouls2 #kdramas #kdrama
  8. Awesome sauce!
  9. Okay, here is one of my favorite stories of my 34 years in the movie business. I swear this is all true. A version of it has been recounted in Glenn Kenny's lovely book, Made Men , about the making of
  10. My annual reminder — always remember the reason for the season. #Hanukkah #HappyHannukah #Chanukah
  11. Too good not to share.
  12. So glad he’s on Post!
  13. It's strange and sad and revealing and logical to see Twitter crash and burn. It's a network of communication that the authoritarian-minded would naturally want to seize and control. It's a den of nas
  14. Day 14 - 2022 Drama Challenge - Director or Writer who caught my attention

    Day 14 - Director Patha Thongpan adapted the BOF franchise in AMAZING ways in F4:Thailand. Truly astonishing how he breathed life and added new layers of meaning to this old story. He created totally
  15. Day 13 - 2022 Drama Challenge

    Day 13 - Boring Drama. Welp. Have to say Forecasting Love and Weather had parts that were a real slog. I put it on hold for awhile, and did grit my teeth and finish it. But MAN, that weather forecasti
  16. Day 12 - 2022 Drama Challenge

    Day 12 - a drama friendship that stole the show. THE friendship that was one of the very best parts of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Young-woo and best friend, Dong Geu-ra-mi.
  17. Day 11 - 2022 Drama Challenge

    Day 11: A Drama that kept me on the edge of my seat was #F4Thailand . Yes I knew the Hana Yori Dango story but I literally was watching the minute episodes dropped to see how director Patha Thongpan wa
  18. After watching Elon Musk these recent weeks, I have to apologize to Ian Fleming and every James Bond movie writer for ever saying their villains were unrealistic.

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