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I take photographs and show them to people.

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  1. It's like the time Carlos dropped off a plate of warm marihuana brownies to the El Paso Sheriff's Department.
  2. In fifth grade Debbie Sirman got lost in the woods for an entire afternoon. The neighborhood was in a panic. Debbie wasn't. Debbie came home with an old abandoned hunting dog and a pack of filterless Camels.
  3. During ninth grade Christie was beginning to realize that she was going to be the best damn drug addict who ever lived. God dammit . . .
  4. She only wanted to watch movies about affluent people living in the English countryside with vintage Range Rovers. Or one with monsters.
  5. Ben knew the honeymoon was over when he couldn't have a nine foot long surfboard from Sears in the seventh grade.
  6. While Wendall's wife was pumping premium unleaded into the Yukon, Wendall decided to shoplift two things from inside the store. Those two things would change the course of his life forever.
  7. Ricky took one tab of acid and half of a luke warm Budweiser. He ran away from home, but didn't know it. Now he does.
  8. Daryl returned to his home town after forty years so he could live an extravagant and elegant lie.
  9. On her way to the airport Constance decided she was going to bark like a rabid dog throughout the entire flight to Tampa. She felt excited to be alive.
  10. For every old friend that I meet again, I have a story for them. Just ask.
  11. I never had anyone teach me how to tie a bowtie. My mother didn't know how. My father was a millionaire pedophile.
  12. In the summer of '73 Lindsay turned her tidy little home into a hippy pad and sold two pounds of Maui Wowie.
  13. Ty went to Palm Springs and ruined it by making everything posh.
  14. Karla was riding a horse through a very narrow mountain pass. I bet you can guess the rest.
  15. The dust and the smell of gasoline made Wayne think he was in touch with some kind of hyper, lightening precise state of mind.

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