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Bleeding heart liberal was @firefly909 when the birdnest was my home.

Southern California

Granny of a few. I CARE too much, about too many things. Very strong progressive who hates liars, cheats and bigots. Resist!

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  1. #Peace to all.
  2. Bahaaaaa 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
  3. Nicole Shanahan (RFKjr's VP pick) has denounced IVF for years — saying it's “one of the biggest lies that’s being told about women’s health today.” Instead, she wants women to spend 2 hours in the morning sunlight. Yes, you read that correctly. Nicole Shanahan denounced IVF for y
  4. Donald Trump is a sadist. This is one of his often overlooked psychological pathologies. Donald Trump threatens people as a Fascist tool, yes – but he also threatens people because he derives pleasure out of people's pain, suffering, and death. He enjoys it. Think about that.
  5. In days of late, two figures did conspire, Trump and Judge Cannon, bound by cunning wile, Together weaving webs of dark desire, To shield from justice and from truth's harsh trial. With whispered words and nods, their plans did hatch, To delay the reckoning that must be faced, But just
  6. Wow! This is not good.
  7. Trump sometimes tells us exactly who he his. In multiple posts recently, Trump has suggested he wants to arrest his political opponents and January 6th whistleblower Cassidy Hutchinson if he regains the presidency. #J6 #Jan6 #January6 #CassidyHutchinson #Election2024 #Elections #US
  8. When Nazis marched in Charlottesville – and murdered Heather Heyer, Donald Trump said "there are very fine people on both sides". Don't gaslight us. We know exactly WTF he meant when he threatened America with a "Bloodbath".
  9. By John Bowden Former President Donald Trump is always in his least controllable state when unchained from his teleprompter — and Saturday afternoon’s rally in Dayton , Ohio was a prime example. The event at the home of the Dayton Air Show was billed as an event to boost Bernie More
  10. Trump on Sept. 29, 2020: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” Three months later, an armed insurrection took place to keep him in power. Trump on March 16, 2024: “If I don’t get elected, it’s gonna be a bloodbath.” Merrick Garland, are you listening?
  11. At tRumps cult gathering today he saluted the J6 anthem and called the prisoners "hostages" and "patriots". He said if he didn't win the election there would be a bloodbath. All while the MAGAts standing behind him were nodding and clapping. Every elected Republican that is endorsi
  12. Rude and wrong. === "The head of a Native American tribe is demanding that South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem apologize for her “malicious and defamatory” allegation that tribal leaders are in cahoots with drug cartels. “Her remarks were made from ignorance and with the intention to fuel
  13. #giftarticle #Rape #assault #police #teens 1,800 cops charged with child sexual abuse in the last two decades, targeting mainly teen girls. We need better screening. === "A Washington Post investigation has found that over the past two decades, hundreds of police officers have prey
  14. By Shirin Faqiri, CNN The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration rescinded a policy Tuesday that allowed state driver’s license and ID holders to electively change their gender without any “verifiable information” or use the gender-neutral “X” in place of gender. The ACL
  15. Katie Britt's SOTU response story re sex trafficking was full of lies: • Didn't happen in the US • Happened in Mexico (far from the border) • Happened in 2004-2008 • Biden or his administration had nothing to do w/ this • Bush 43 was President • Victim wasn't at all personally confidin
  16. David Cay Johnston Donald Trump got his $91.6m bond in the 2nd E. Jean Carroll defamation case from Chubb, a Swiss insurer which operates in Russia. Given serious national security concerns about Donald— he trusts Putin but not American intelligence services, gave "sources & metho
  17. Republican politicians and Fox News have been lying to you. #Immigration #Border #Crime #Election2024 #Elections #USPolitics #Politics #GOP #Republicans #RepublicanParty
  18. ‪Maybe, just maybe people will finally open their eyes & understand Trump & GOP are wholly owned by Russia‬ ‪Just #FollowTheMoney ‬

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