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From educator to zoo keeper and equestrian.


I live to travel, support equestrian vaulting, stream shows, drink cuppas of British tea, and make  political Tik Tok videos.

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  1. 😂
  2. Glass half full on Mike Johnson

    The 220 of the 221 House Republicans who voted for Mike Johnson now own his platform (currently being shared everywhere). Not sure how well that will go over for Republicans up for reelection in areas that Biden won.
  3. Rep. Jamie Raskin : “Speaker Mike Johnson? Anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, anti-gun safety, anti-democracy. This is what theocracy looks like.”
  4. Lewiston, Maine. 💔 I hate guns and violence.
  5. The kind of thing you expect someone to say on TV and NOT on the floor of the house.
  6. Supreme Court in a Functioning Democracy

    If you could ask Neal Katyal anything about the Supreme Court what would it be? I’m at a panel discussion and there will be time for questions.
  7. #Caturday
  8. On the day Sydney Powell pleads guilty, this guy is running for Speaker of the House. Make it make sense.
  9. The Biggest Threat to our Democracy

    Quote below is from New Yorker interview with Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, authors of “How Democracies Die” and “Tyranny of the Minority.” I had the privilege of hearing Levitsky speak last night. He said the fact that one of our two political parties refuses to condemn ex
  10. I came across this quote from Lindsay Graham at the GOP convention in 2012. Rather prophetic don’t you think?
  11. #catsofpost
  12. Experts weigh in on the crisis in Israel

    Tonight I was very fortunate to attend a panel with Condoleezza Rice, General Jim Mattis, and Thomas Friedman, a panel planned before the Hamas attack on Israel to discuss the state of democracy here and around the world. Rice and Mattis do not doubt Iran was involved in support
  13. This articulates my thoughts exactly!
  14. Getting one cat to look at you let alone three 😂 #Caturday
  15. Blue Angels at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, today, Oct 5, 2023 (Photo / Gary Lenhart)
  16. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” -MLK
  17. You know America is in trouble when scrolling through Apple News and it’s just another ordinary day…
  18. Have chicken sausage and this dog will do anything. 🤣 #CorgiCrew #DogsofPost
  19. 🎯
  20. Well I too would like some Acme sourdough baguette (he got some). #CorgiCrew

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