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Retired-prof, unretired volunteer

Former Berkeley EECS Professor, Former International Computer Science Institute Researcher and sometimes Director, Co-founder of UpRise Campaigns, Co-founder of Neighbors Forward AZ, Democratic PC.

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  1. The actual danger from AI: human beings.
  2. I often disagree with David Brooks on policy (he is definitely conservative), and I might word some of these concepts differently, but I was moved by this column. Moral leadership matters.
  3. Undemocratic rule in the Arizona legislature

    In Arizona, the bare Republican majority in the state House (31 out of 60) has decided that no Democratic bill can get a vote unless they get a majority of the Republicans to back it. In other words: Democratic bills require 45 votes and Republican ones require 31.
  4. Some recent musings:
  5. Ron Klain will be leaving his post after approximately 68 Scaramuccis .
  6. Bill Foster is an actual scientist
  7. A great short documentary about the rental housing crisis in Arizona, with some of the people affected by it.
  8. 'For decades, the cliché in politics was that “Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line ... If that was ever true, it’s not now. These days, Democrats fall in line and Republicans fall apar
  9. In AZ's House, Rep. Gress proposed a minimum legislator age of 18. There have been concerns about the maturity of 18-year olds, given significant evidence that the prefrontal cortex, often associated
  10. New article on
  11. Arizona will need to act on this in the new year:
  12. Good idea.
  13. About the formerly Democratic Senator's announcement, and more generally about independents:
  14. We thought it was a good time to compare the expectations from redistricting in Arizona to the outcomes:

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