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Patient Advocate & Disability Activist

♿️, Cancer Survivor & Lupus Warrior. Testified 3x for Congress. I am @morethanmySLE from the birdy place!

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  1. I've learned as a kidney cancer survivor (picture is immediately before my surgery in 2011) and Lupus warrior that each day is a gift: Don't forget to wrap your present. 🙏💜
  2. These beautiful yellow tulips is your self care picture of the day.
  3. Anjelika was placed in my arms almost two years ago. She makes me smile every day through my chronic pain and illness as I battle Lupus. She has improved the quality of my life. This is what unconditional love looks like and I couldn’t be more thankful or grateful.
  4. I'm making my 34th Trip for Patient Advocacy from NYC to DC soon. Details to follow!
  5. I'm making my 34th Trip for Patient Advocacy from NYC to DC soon. Details to follow!
  6. Anjelika and I are THRILLED that Senator Fetterman has returned to Congress. We are rooting for you, Senator. We wish you good health.
  7. When I see Senator Susan Collins trending (as she is now with blocking Senator Feinstein's replacement on the Senate Judiciary Committee) I pull out this shirt and remind myself not to fall for her “disappointment“.
  8. Anjelika and I are on our way to my doctor appointment. Please send your positive thoughts and good wishes. We need them today! Hope you are all well.
  9. Now that I have recovered from Covid, Anjelika can return to her life of sleeping on my foot. But seriously she was so amazing during my six weeks of being sick and recovering. She’s my everything.
  10. BRAVO Eric Swalwell CONDEMNING Marjorie Taylor Greene's support of Jack Teixeira. "This wouldn’t be the first time she sided w/traitors" (& probably NOT the last).
  11. May is Lupus Awareness Month & purple is our color. I have Lupus but Lupus doesn't have me. I REFUSE to let it define me. But I fight every day to co-exist with it and NEVER GIVE UP that battle! Keep fighting.
  12. Here's how I got #verified on Post.

    1) Clicked the circle icon with the "i" at the lower left of my screen. 2) Clicked on "Verified Account Terms. 3) Clicked on "this form" 4) Filled out the form (which is a google doc) and submitted 5) Received an email about a week later (they do this all manually) telling me I was v
  13. Happy Monday!
  14. Is this thing on? 🙃
  15. My dear friend @redtraccoon and his wife Brittany welcomed their baby girl Keeley Corcoran into world. Mazel tov! 💜💜💜💜💜
  16. Surprise! Our family just got a little bigger with the addition of our daughter, Keeley. Keeley was born this morning (January 21st). Both mom and the baby are doing fantastic. She was a healthy 8 lbs 13
  17. OMG Hi Keeley, you're beautiful!
  18. I'm heartbroken over David Crosby's passing. What a LEGEND, patriot & sweet soul. I was always captivated with the length of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" it just pulled you in and engaged you whether it's
  19. So PROUD of Jude. So PROUD of you. Love you both. This picture makes me smile!
  20. After 10 surgeries in 16 years, surviving cancer 2x, living with Lupus & facing multiple health crises, I am NOT afraid to stand up to Republican bullies like Kevin McCarthy, Rick Allen, Rick Scott, L

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