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All conspiracy theories are the product of the subconscious attempt of an ignorant yet creative mind to counteract the fear of the unknown with tales of fantasy

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  1. Not sailing on any ship whose most apt comparison is the Titanic
  2. Newsom: You care about life and you have kids that are gunned down by weapons of war? All in the name of freedom, as you’re banning books?
  3. Is Post still planning on federating via Activity Pub? Also, will it add a button for Threads in the profile?
  4. Been on Thread for a few hours and we already have more followers there than Post or Mastodon. Well played, Meta.
  5. "Search Engine Roundtable found that Google had removed 52% of Twitter links since the crackdown began last week. Twitter now blocks users who are not logged in and sets limits on reading tweets." #RIPTwitter
  6. Reddit is dead, Twitter I’d dead Where are we all going, besides Post?
  7. Hi, Post, I have the second video in the series ready. You're gonna love it. You should start with the first in the series, but this one has some good stories. Put on your criminal law geek hats.
  8. Elon with the Post bump
  9. Nailed

    Musk takes selfie with with sanctioned Russian state TV anchor Nailya Asker-Zade who has called for the destruction of Ukraine. She’s also the girlfriend of Putin’s private banker.
  10. Enter the following string in the Twitter search bar: " filter:follows" and find your people again over here on Post
  11. Ptashka (Birdie) was one of the brave defenders of Mariupol city and AzovStal. They call her the voice of AzovStal, because she sang even during the fiercest battles, fighting back from the bunkers und
  12. Something to think about, no matter what side we are on
  13. Many rumours now that Putin has an escape plan labelled "Noah's Ark", which involves fleeing to a complex he is building in Venezuela. Confirmed his people have been buying a lot of land there.
  14. Who wants to be a second class citizen on a third class app?
  15. Aaron Rupar and others reinstated on Twitter after Elon’s poll backfires.
  16. Is Christmas coming early? Will J6 recommend Trump is indicted? Can we wrap it with a bow?
  17. If all the best accounts come here, we don’t need Twitter anymore, do we?

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